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#1 Water Safety for Your Kids » My favourite Decjuba blazer and new season sweater » 2020-08-03 17:05:17

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My favourite Decjuba blazer and new season sweater.
The best wardrobe begins with the right basics and once you find the perfect basics for any occasion you never have to worry about “not having anything to wear”.
A closet built on a streamlined selection of items makes day-to-day dressing SO much easier.
So if you want to take the guess work out of getting dressed then it’s time to get back to basics.
So take a look at my short video below to see my list of top 10 unexpected essentials for a killer closet.
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#2 And the winners are… » visit the PASS COVID-19 buyer resources page » 2020-08-02 04:42:51

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During this uncertain time, it is more important than ever that that buyers are able to easily navigate the challenges that are facing them: ensuring they can work effectively, compliantly and responsively in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.
Delta eSourcing is delighted to host a webinar in association with our BiP Solutions sister brand Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) on 19 May, focusing on how buyers can make the best of procurement resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So what is the Impact on procurement
COVID-19 is affecting supply chains across the world

not just the UK.
The outbreak has had a significant impact on businesses of all sizes as many suppliers struggle to meet their contractual obligations and are therefore putting their financial viability, ability to retain staff and supply chains at risk.
The lockdown period has also meant that many businesses have had to close and if suppliers do not have the right equipment and supplies, this can also halt both the procurement process and work on existing contracts.
Some authorities are currently finding they have contractors who are struggling to fulfil their contractual obligations, which is not only causing problems now, but could lead to other issues further down the line.
That said, .

The UK has done well to support its procurement community

If a public sector organisation has an urgent requirement for goods.

Services or works due to COVID-19

they must procure this requirement under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 but may also be able to use accelerated procurement measures.
Supporting supply chains and making the best of procurement resources Buyers are undergoing several challenges during this time.

Our webinar in association with our colleagues at PASS

looks at several options authorities could consider for existing contracts or when planning future exercises, and also highlights of the issues that should be identified as early as possible.
If you are interested in joining this webinar on the 19 May at 9.30 am, you can register for free here.

We are here to help As the COVID-19 situation evolves

public procurement regulations are under constant review from the Government.
In such challenging times, we want to let you know what we are doing at Delta eSourcing to make sure our customers receive the very best service. Find out more about how we are helping public sector buyers during these uncertain times.
Delta eSourcing, along with our sister brand, PASS, will continue to update our customers and community on these updates.
To find out more information for procurement buyers during the pandemic, and to receive further support, visit the PASS COVID-19 buyer resources page.
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#3 Covid-19 Insight Sessions » The post 2018 Impact Report appeared first on Holyoke Codes » 2020-08-01 17:00:58

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Read more about what we’ve been doing in our Impact Report
2018 Impact Report        2018 has been a great year
Holyoke Codes grew significantly in 2018

We expanded existing programs and developed new projects and partnerships.
We continued weekly free public coding and robotics workshops and our Code Week program reached ~ 700 Holyoke Public Schools middle school students.

We also worked with South Hadley High School and the R.H

Conwell school.
We collaborated with public libraries, Girls Inc of Holyoke, the Urban League and the Bay Area Makerspace of Springfield.
We expanded our summer offerings.

In addition to our Coding & Rowing program

we offered weeklong programs in 3D Game Design with Blender and Unity and Digital Animation with Scratch.
Our robotics program grew with teams competing in the FIRST Lego League and the FIRST Tech Challenge in collaboration with Holyoke High School.
We received grants to develop computer science curriculum from the National Science Foundation as part of a 3 year research-practice partnership with UMass and Elms College and from the Community Foundation.
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#4 The Palm Beach County Food Bank Announces Two New Board Members » Right now they share a 10-hand pony named Emma » 2020-08-01 16:53:25

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What do you think about ponies as a kid’s first mount.
In my opinion, there’s no better mount when you’re a kid than a pony.
I was lucky that when I was 11 years old, .

My parents bought me a 13.2-hand Welsh Mountain/Cob called Willy Do It

Willy was a good jumper, he didn’t run away when I fell off and he gave me a wonderful, fun introduction to the sport.
I think it’s very important for kids and even adult amateurs who first get into horse sports to have a horse that fulfills the main goal, which is enjoyment.
I think the number one thing for any person starting riding is that they truly have fun and to me, ponies are perfect.
First and foremost, they’re small in size, which is less intimidating for a new rider.
The sheer size of pony as opposed to a horse means that if you do happen to fall off, it’s not that far to the ground.
Secondly, the majority of ponies I’ve experienced over the years have many wonderful characteristics: Most of them are quick with their feet and can jump out of nearly any position, so they’re easier to handle than a big horse, and the bulk of them are very good jumpers.
To me, this is the perfect way to get a person involved in the sport.  I’m not sure if my kids will be riders or not but as their parent, I want to give them the option if that’s what they desire.
Right now they share a 10-hand pony named Emma, and the great thing is you can give her a week off, throw one of the boys on her, and she’s the same as she was the last time they rode her.
She’s well-behaved but still has a bit of an engine, which encourages the boys to be better riders.
On top of that, she’s a great companion for any horse that needs company in the field or on stall rest — she’s the perfect buddy to keep these high-level horses relaxed.  All in all, I think when people are starting their careers in equestrian sports, nothing beats a pony.
They’re tough, hardy animals, and they often have the talent and quality that you might experience in higher-level horses.
This can really give riders a feel for what’s to come.  What would you look for in an ideal pony.
I think the number one trait to consider in any horse or pony is character.
This is a hard thing to evaluate in one visit — people are drawn to their ability and their scope, but the number one thing is that the pony is suitable in its nature.
You want a kind, forgiving pony, a good soul that can put up with a mistake, a pony that enjoys working and doesn’t turn into a maniac at a competition.
You want something that riders can focus on their skills: “Rideability is more important than ability” is an old saying for a reason.  When you’re not able to compete your own horses, your wife, Silva; your assistant rider.

Mike Pendleton; and your coach and mentor

Phillip Dutton, often step in to help.
Can you talk about the importance of having someone in your life who can help out when you can’t ride.
I think in anyone’s riding program, it’s always important to have a coach, mentor or good friend that has the same riding ability as you, or better, that could potentially step in as needed.
I started out as a student.

Then worked as Phillip’s assistant

then was his teammate and ultimately we became best friends, and he’s been wonderful to step in and school and compete my horses when I’m overseas or injured.
It’s a massive help having a capable rider to take over.
Again, .

Having Silva to sit on the horses and feel what’s going on is really an added bonus

She can get on the horses and improve them with her talent and experience rather than just standing on the sidelines and coaching me.
And Mike has worked hard and learned a tremendous amount since he came to Windurra; I’m lucky to have him as a reliable and capable assistant who can step in to ride my horses.  Photo: Boyd on his pony Willy Do It.
Photo courtesy of Boyd Martin The post Everything Eventing with Boyd Martin appeared first on Sidelines Magazine.

#5 Customer Experience Analyst » Tote bags can even be customized to your needs » 2020-08-01 16:44:14

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Introduction Tote bags can be utilized for nearly everything without exception

In view of their shape, solidness, and size, there isn’t one event that a tote couldn’t be utilized for.
In many cases you’ll see packs being utilized on the seashore or at the exercise center.
This is on the grounds that they are incredible for holding a ton of things without a moment’s delay.
They take out the need for conveying more than one sort of bag.
In the case that you’re somebody who likes to invest time outside, at that point a tote is certainly something you will need to put resources into bringing with you.
You will find that tote bags are sold in a wide assortment of styles, shapes, sizes, plans, etc.
Tote bags can even be customized to your needs.
For instance, in case you’re worked out over your bag getting missing, your name can be sewn onto it to guarantee that whenever discovered, it is brought back to you.
The sort of tote you buy will rely upon its proposed use.
On the off chance that you intend to utilize it outside a great deal, make certain to get one that is comprised of a strong material that is waterproof.
A leather tote bag wouldn’t be perfect to utilize outside.

Camping Tote bags are ideal to utilize on the off chance that you intend to go outdoors

You can utilize the sack to hold the entirety of your fundamental things that you intend to take with you while you camp.
Extra clothes, flashlights, snacks, batteries, and different necessities would all be able to be put away and conveyed effectively within a tote.
They can likewise be effortlessly put away inside your tent at night time.
Fishing  If you that you have a day arranged that includes fishing, a waterproof tote bag is a great idea as it very well may be utilized to convey food, lure, additional items, for example, fishing wire, snares, weaves, and a lot of other fishing things that you’ll need to have with you.
It might be perfect to buy a tote bag that isn’t excessively enormous in size with the goal that you are as yet ready to convey your fishing rod and some other bigger things.
Hiking  The individuals who climb regularly need to have the option to carry along water, snacks, and different things alongside them.
A tote bag is perfect on the off chance that you don’t prefer to convey things on your back.
Rather you could utilize a medium-sized tote bag to hold all that you have to take with you.
Conclusion Banggood.com have a colossal choice of limited-time items from knapsacks and crystal to pens and tote bags.

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#6 Great books for kids »  » 2020-08-01 16:42:15

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If you are looking for new employment opportunities, .

Here we share relevant offers in different countries of Europe

Also you can  discover the outstanding offers of our sponsors through our employment portal:  SPAIN    Vacancy Company Application       Cloud Automation and DevOps Architect     Red Hat Apply     Cloud Technical Support   OVH Apply        Vacancy Company Application         Manager Creative Marketing       Netflix Apply   Digital Workplace & Intranet Manager Amadeus Apply    ITALY    Vacancy Company Application        Manager, Wearable Product Marketing      Samsung Apply      Technical Support Engineer – OpenShift    Red Hat Apply    PORTUGAL    Vacancy Company Application               Commerce Support Escalation Engineer             Microsoft Apply        Azure SQL Database Support Engineer      Microsoft Apply    FRANCE    Vacancy Company Application         Data Analyst – Team Leader H/F       OVH Apply         Apprenticeship opportunities in Data Sciences/Machine Learning       Amadeus Apply    UNITED KINGDOM    Vacancy Company Application       AV Engineer, Studio – EMEA     Netflix Apply        Power control & Information Systems Engineer      P&G Apply    GERMANY    Vacancy Company Application      Apprenticeship – Cybersecurity application project coordinator     P&G  Apply          IT Analyst          P&G  Apply       La entrada June OpenJobs #2: job vacancies in IT Innovation – Europe 2020 se publicó primero en OpenExpo Europe 2020.

#7 How Cloud QMS Simplifies Process Validation? » The post Al Fresco On Grand appeared first on Visit Beloit » 2020-08-01 04:40:58

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Al Fresco on Grand is an awesome new outdoor dining and shopping event organized by the Downtown Beloit Association (DBA) in the heart of Downtown Beloit.
The event began July 24th and 25th and will continue every weekend through October 31st.
From 4-9 pm (all business must stop serving and have everything off the street by 10 pm), .

The 400 block of East Grand Ave

(between State & Pleasant) will be shut down to motorized traffic and provide an outdoor dining and shopping experience the whole family can enjoy.
Al Fresco on Grand currently has truk’t and Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar committed to participating each week.
Food, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages will be available at each restaurant’s location.
Alcohol will not be permitted past the designated dining areas.
Both restaurants will have safety precautions in place including wearing masks.
In Addition To Al Fresco on Grand:    The Rooftop Beer Garden on top of Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar is open on Saturday nights.
Canned beer will be available for guests to purchase before or after you dine.
First-come, first-serve seating.
No reservations.

Click here for the Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar Facebook event
Click here for the truk’t Facebook event

On opening weekend, .

Walnut Creek Apparel & Gifts will be participating for retail sales

This new, .

Open-air experience is a welcomed addition to Downtown Beloit
Updates to participants can be found on the DBA’s Facebook event
More events in and around Beloit can be found on Visit Beloit’s Facebook Page
Click here for more great Al Fresco options in the Beloit area

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#8 Gonzaga, St. Mary’s Advance to WCC Tournament Final » but I keep reading headlines that proclaim: ‘U.S » 2020-08-01 04:29:09

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Real Estate Questions Answered By John M.Lee As I talk to people about real estate during this COVID-19 time, there are many questions that are on their minds.
There are some truths, some misconceptions, and many misunderstandings because none of us have ever gone through something like this before.
Here are a few of the common questions of the month.
“With the pandemic, so many people are hurting financially.
We have record unemployment, but I keep reading headlines that proclaim: ‘U.S.
Home Sales Rose 20.7% in June.’ How can that be with so many people losing their jobs and with businesses closing?” Headlines can be deceiving.
I remember in my high school journalism class, one of our homework assignments was to come up with headlines for articles.
The goal was to sensationalize the content so more people would read the article.
In our case here, the number of sales decreased so much in April and May because of shelter-in-place that the increase in June is indexed on a lower sales number from May.
A better comparison would be to compare the sales activity in June of 2020 to June of 2019, and you will find that number would be a lower percentage in 2020.
“I am also reading that the median sales price of single-family homes in San Francisco has gone up to an all-time high in June.
Is the market going crazy again.
Why?” That is indeed an accurate statement, but we need a little understanding of statistics when interpreting the market.
The median sales price of single-family homes in San Francisco did go up from $1.63 million in May to $1.8 million in June, an increase of 10.4%.
What we saw in the marketplace was that many high-end homes sold in June.
The median sales price is defined as the midway point of all the homes that have sold over a period of time.
So, if 101 homes sold during that period of time, the median price is the one in the middle where 50 homes sold above that price and 50 sold below that price.  Since more expensive homes were sold in June, it skewed the median price higher.
Median prices are better when analyzed over a longer time period to give you a trend rather than being viewed on their own.
In this case, we have to wait for more data in the upcoming months to interpret what is happening rather than taking this one data point and making a big deal out of it.
“I live on the west side of town and have noticed a number of homes selling at or around the same prices as before this pandemic hit.
Does that sound about right?” If you had asked me this question back in March or April, I would have told you that prices would drop.
However, several factors have held our prices up.
Many people are making housing decisions during this time.
Many renters who either lost their jobs or find out that they can work remotely are moving out of the City.
Some condo owners are making the decision to move out of their high-density condos and buy a single-family home to give themselves more space.
We on the west side are the affordable alternative for them (hate to think of $1+ million as affordable), so they are buying out here.
Also, the interest rates have gone down these last few months, giving buyers more purchasing power.
These all help to keep our prices up.
“There is a mortgage moratorium at this time.
Are a lot of people taking advantage of this.
Should I stop paying my mortgage?” The lenders cannot foreclose on properties during this pandemic, and there is a mortgage forbearance during this time.
It is not a mortgage forgiveness that you never have to pay back.
The last number I saw was that 4.2 million or about 8.5% of mortgage loans in the United States were under forbearance.
If you stop paying the mortgage now, the amount you owe will still need to be paid back.
It will be either through a balloon payment after this pandemic is over, or the balance might be added to the back end of the loan, thus extending the length of the loan.
There has been no legislation on how this gets paid so it is up to the lenders at this point in time.
I suggest that if you can afford to pay the mortgage, it is better to pay it.
If the payments are not made now and are added to the balance and the loan is stretched out, it might take you another year to pay off the loan, which is not bad.  However, if the lender decides to enforce a balloon payment, borrowers will have to come up with a few months of mortgage payments all at the same time, which is difficult for most people and impossible for some to do.
The other troubling news I have been hearing is that some lenders are putting a derogatory mark on the borrower’s credit reports if they are in forbearance.
So if at all possible, I recommend that you keep up with your mortgage payments.
As always, I enjoy hearing from all of you and especially during this difficult time.
We are all in this together and will come out at the other side together.
Stay safe.
John M.

Lee is a broker at Compass specializing in the Richmond and Sunset districts

For real estate questions, call him at (415) 465-0505 or email [email protected]

#9 Wednesday Ramblings » I work as Senior consultant at Instaclustr » 2020-07-31 16:34:35

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Instaclustr Insights provide meaningful insights into team members’ work lives

This time it is Mussa Shirazi, Senior Consultant, .

Instaclustr What does your role at Instaclustr entail

I work as Senior consultant at Instaclustr, as part of the Consulting team.

I’m involved in customer consultancy projects for technologies like Kafka

Elasticsearch, and Cassandra.
I work very closely with the Sales team to provide technical pre-sales support to our clients and identify sales opportunities.
I am also involved in preparing and delivering online and instructor-led workshops/meetups on technologies like Kafka, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch.

Recently I’ve also been busy writing blogs on Elasticsearch

the most recent being on Elasticsearch Security.
What does a typical day look like for you.

Every single day is different—that is why I love working here at Instaclustr

For example, when I am involved in customer projects most of my time is spent with customers in meetings, presentations, screen-sharing sessions, project designs, and documentation.
Other days I’ll be delivering consulting services through deployment health checks, workshops, or ticket-based consulting.
Lately, I have also been very busy in outreach activities like meetups, webinars, and free workshops for the technical community.
A lot of effort goes in preparing content for such events.
Our sales team also keeps me busy with pre-sales technical support and identifying new sales opportunities.
How did you first get interested in a technology career.
It all started when my parents bought me my first computer when I was in primary school.
I started assembling my own PCs at a very early age.
I remember being very popular in my neighbourhood because I was fixing computers for everyone as I was obsessed with computers.
After completing high school, I really wanted to pursue studies in IT and that’s where my technology career started.  And your formal education followed in that path.
Yes, after completing high school I completed my Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees in computer science.
When did you join Instaclustr, and why.

I joined Instaclustr in October 2019

Personally, I am a big fan of open source technologies.

And in my previous roles I was involved in implementing Kafka and Elasticsearch

so I was looking for a dynamic role where I could be involved in different types of open source technologies.

When I came across an opening at Instaclustr for a consultant

the role and the company ticked all the boxes as I would be working on different projects involving open source technologies.
I am glad I made the right decision in joining a company founded on open source technology.

What’s been your favorite part about Instaclustr since joining

My favorite part of Instaclustr is that it truly promotes open source technologies and I am able to work on a variety of different technologies at the same time.
As a consultant, I fly all over the world and meet different people and acquire new ideas which is amazing.

Another favorite part of Instaclustr is the working culture which is very positive

Everyone genuinely respects and appreciates one another’s ideas and helps each other.
In your opinion, what makes someone a good fit to be in the Consulting team In my opinion, there are a few attributes that are important for the consulting role:  Solid technical understanding and a love of technical work.
Keenness to learn new technologies Good communication skills Ability to have patience with challenging problems Flexibility.

Interested in working for Instaclustr

View our current openings here.
Alternatively, you can write to us at [email protected] post Instaclustr Insights: Meet Mussa Shirazi appeared first on Instaclustr.

#10 One month to apply for the Global Best Practices Awards. Online, free of char.. » New Delhi: Pune-based technology business incubator » 2020-07-31 16:30:49

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New Delhi: Pune-based technology business incubator, Venture Center, hosted by CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory will host the Center for Biopharma Analysis (CBA) to support the National Biopharma Mission (NBM) of the Government of India.
CBA will provide high-quality analytical services for biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers.
CBA aims to be recognized as a ‘one-stop shop’ GLP facility for structural and functional characterization of biotherapeutics.
NBM plans to make that possible by funding creation of a supportive ecosystem and leveraging the capabilities of organizations like Venture Center. We envision this center to become a resource center for biopharma characterization that will create long lasting value for bioentrepreneur and industry.
Inaugurating the facility via video conference, Dr Renu Swarup, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, said  that she expects that the CBA will play an important role in supporting biopharma innovations from academic and government research labs, startups and many Indian companies with not only high quality analytical characterization but also advise on studies needed for regulatory approvals.
This can help speed up the development process.
Also speaking on the occasion, Prof AK Nangia, Director, CSIR-NCL highlighted how NCL is keen to contribute to the large molecule therapeutics revolution waiting to happen in India as it did for small molecule therapeutics in 1970-80s.  Mr Prasanta Biswal, CEO of International Biotech Park Limited, Pune said that IBPL is happy to have contributed CSR support for the CBA infrastructure development and looks forward to working closely with Venture Center and BIRAC in positioning the Pune Knowledge Cluster for excellence in biopharma and medtech development and manufacturing.

The program was followed by a motivational talk by Dr

Himanshu Gadgil, CSO, Enzene Biosciences, .

Pune on ‘Era of Biopharmaceuticals- India perspective’

The post Pune’s Venture Center opens Center for Biopharma Analysis to support National Biopharma Mission appeared first on BioVoiceNews.

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